To Heal a Broken Heart

Love is not a fairytale.

Anelise is a romantic young lady who wants nothing more than a loving, faithful marriage, and she knows she has found her prince. Or, rather, her wizard. Her childhood friend Lucien is young, handsome, and shows promise as he trains to become the next Royal Enchanter. But when he breaks her heart in a shocking betrayal, Anelise’s entire perception of love — and the trustworthiness of men — is utterly shattered.

Months later, when Anelise is blackmailed into an engagement to a man who cares for monogamy as little as the dust on his boot, at first she falls into despair. But then she realizes the one thing that can save her heart: a love potion.

To her surprise, all the nearby wizards refuse to make it, and Anelise is reduced to seek help from the very man who hurt her the most.

But when she knocks on Lucien’s tower door, the masked wizard who answers it seems quite different from the boy she knew before.

Lucien is shocked to see Anelise at his door. Although it is the last thing he wants to do, Lucien knows that creating this love potion for her is the only chance he has at proving that he has changed… Until he realizes the disastrous reality that awaits her if she drinks it.