The Crown Prince Wretched

Being the family disappointment is the only thing Prince Vincent takes seriously.

When his brother’s death leaves Vincent with shoes too perfect to fill, he rejects his responsibility to become king. But when a curse sends him fleeing his home in the middle of the night, he must overcome his cowardice and pride to have any hope of breaking it.

Vincent was never supposed to be the crown prince. After the loss of his older brother, Vincent has grown tired of trying to live up to his brother’s promise as king, so he decides to become the disappointment everyone expects him to be. But when a sudden betrayal robs him of his last remaining friend, and a mysterious witch casts a magical curse that transforms him into a fearsome monster, Vincent must flee his life of luxury and find a way to regain his human form.

When marrying a princess seems to be the only way, Vincent plans to steal one and force her into marriage. But he ends up with one of the ladies in waiting instead, a misfit named Aurelia, who offers him a deal: if he will take her back to her home in a magical forest, she will convince her powerful father to help him break his curse, no marriage required.

But when Vincent and Aurelia find themselves reluctantly drawn to one another, and the evil witch threatens to take away everything he once took for granted, the heroes must each determine where they belong and who they will be. If they don’t, the witch will kill Vincent like the failure everyone expects him to be, and Aurelia’s quest for belonging will end with her home destroyed.